Concierge Etiquette – Seriously, what makes a real Concierge?


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Oh yes, we concierges in Dubai contribute “great deal” to hotel guest memorable experience.  We know that.

We know we are the most valuable resource, we are a wealth of information and network of contact across the UAE.

We can get slot at impossible-to-get-a-table restaurants, still get ticket in a fully booked shows, we are able to tell what’s worth seeing, doing & eating, we can even warn guest of congested areas to avoid… and so much more.

On top of these, it is good to be reminded of etiquette we need to uphold to keep our feet on the ground and maintain uprightness: 



1. Always respect the guest, maintain the confidentiality of their identity at all times.

2. Exceed expectations and preserve the highest standards of service.

3. Never promise guest a results unless you are certain that you can deliver.

4. Tactfully decline illegal or unethical requests from guests.  Accommodate every request as  long as it is morally and humanly possible.

5. Gently educate guests on local laws and traditions.  Many of them may not be happy about dress code, smoking & the laws of behavior especially during Ramadan season.  Educate them anyway for their safety.


6. Be more sincere when communicating.  Involved facial expressions and body language, do it with genuine care.   Your eyes shows your seriousness in assisting.

7. Concierge are like doctor.  A doctor prescribe person’s medicine on physical problem, while Concierge prescribed tips how to make the most of guest stay.  Heal guest’s leisure problems without compromise.

8. An advice that gives peace of mind are never rejected.  Offer peace of mind.

9. Being well versed on UAE’s culture and beliefs is a must.  So you can advice and warn guest from possible mistake and misunderstanding of people, places and practices.

10. Tips may or may not be given at the end of your assistance, it would be best not to expect anything.  When your service is done, bid your farewell graciously and avoid lingering like a dog waiting for a bone.  Concierge should maintain a respectable image.

11. When receiving a tip, discreetly check the amount if it seems too big.  Some guest may not be aware of the worth they are giving.  Be courteous to ask them if it is the right amount they actually want to give, if it is not the right amount politely offer to return. 


12. Practice good hygiene.  A long stressful, summer days should not be a hindrance to being (and looking) at your best.

13. Your uniform from top to toe gives you confidence, it must be complete and up to excellent.  Genuine smile is part of your excellent uniform as well.

14. Be extra sensitive to senior citizens and be like a kid to the kids :⊃

15. During check-in, a welcome that makes them feel relaxed in new environment is comfortable.  During check-out, escorting them till outside the door to bid farewell is memorable.

16. Aim to work every single day by this quote from C.S. Lewis “Integrity is doing the right thing even no one is watching” … be trustworthy.


A real concierge does not work just for money, a real concierge work because they want to simply… help.

Instead of letting our position define us, we should define our position.  Agree? 



Date:  17/8/15, tGw







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