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How to use this site:

There are 3 categories of users on this site they are guest, member, concierge.  The following are its benefits & limitations:


♦ Guest – unlimited browsing of sites’ information but no access to its services, more privileges are given to members.


♦ Member – it is free with benefits* you need to:

   1. Register your information (we are still working on registration)

   2. Read the Terms and Condition

   3. Confirm your registration


♦ Concierge – membership is free with benefits*, concierge should be working in UAE:

  1. Register your information
  2. Read the terms and condition
  3. Confirm registration
  4. Wait for admin/moderators approval (with in 24hrs.)




What are my protections:

Your personal information is protected by admin, see Privacy & Security.


Community Support:

Get help from, check out members discussion board or concierge discussion board.



*Users Benefits:

 Please refer to detailed benefits and disclaimer.





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