Jumeirah’s Free Beaches – What you need to know before going there



Pull out your beach collection… “it’s sun, sand, sea time again”


This is Jumeirah shores research.  An information about free beach in Dubai, where everyone’s more than welcome to enjoy.

Pictures taken according to Concierge eyes, for the benefit of inquiring people and to answer hotel guests unending questions.  What a noble mission… ahem.

As a Concierge you will only recommend what suites your guest, making sure basic facilities are available for their convenience.   Concierge, the more information you know, the more important you are.

By the way, the photographer woke up so early to catch sunrise but experience dumb disappointment, there’s “no sunrise in Jumeirah shores – only sunset”.  


Sun is rising happily @ 6:39am on the desert side,  seems telling … I’m at your back dear :⊃ 




∼ Mercato Beach ∼


Pros:  This is good for jogging, strolls, pick up sea shells, reflecting, gaze on beautiful villas overlooking the beach and enjoy sea breeze 


Cons: No facilities, no changing room, no toilet, no shades and chairs, no food stores


Shooting Location:
Mercato Beach1
 Beach Instructions


General Instructions all over the beach, enlarged shot specially for you Mr./Ms. Concierge of Dubai.





 Villas well built directly on the sands, each with its own pool, overlooking Arabian Gulf (I need one)






∼ Kite Beach ∼


Pros: Best spot for beach volleyball & football, kite surfing, picnic, kayak rentals, perfect jogging lanes and other sports.  There’s play area for kids,  indoor changing & shower room, plenty of food stalls & cafes.  Alot of shades & chairs as well as facilities for stretching.

Cons: The well known Salt Food truck is far from the bunch of food stalls.  No rentals of umbrellas and sunbeds.



Shooting Location:

 Kite Beach 1




These are bunch of food stalls, cafes, juice bars, etc.





The ever growing Salt serving good beach foodie, far from the bunch of food stalls.



Brown wooden walk ways and green jogging lane



Kayak for rent





Outside changing booth and showers around the shores of Kite Beach

 playground kite beach

Little stretch for your little bones.




∼ Umm Suqeim Beach or Sunset Beach ∼


Pros: Direct views of the Burj Al Arab, good for photography, sun bathing, picnic, surfing, shower available, shades & chairs are available and wifi connections available.

Cons: Indoor changing room and toilet still underway, food stall not yet operating.


Shooting Location:

 Sunset Beach 1


Park at the other side of this beach





For those who are “surgically-attached to their mobiles” this is your place… free Wifi connection in the beach.






∼ JBR Beach ∼


Pros: Complete facilities with lockers, towels, sunbed & umbrellas for rent, valet service, camel ride, water park for kids, facilities for little stretching.  Good for sunbathing, water sports and dining on dozens of restaurants.

Cons: Most of the time busy and lots of people, if you’re in a reflecting and contemplating mode it will be difficult of course.

Shooting Location:



     The Beach100

 Camel ride anyone?



 The Beach400


Shower, toilet, changing room, lockers in one.



 What-a beautiful scene, isn’t it?  This is JBR!



Even if you’re not a beach fan, the energy you get from stepping on the sand, hearing the waves, seeing & smelling sea water is well worth the visit.

So take advantage of this weather in Dubai, splash in Jumeirah beaches for good vibes ;⊃



Concierge Conclusion:

However free, take note these beach are well monitored and patrols can be seen anytime and anywhere, be cautious and read beach instructions for your safety or approach information counter, if there is.





About this:

The information and research gathered here are within article/blog date.  Prices, dates and other details may change.  We advise you to contact the subject’s number or visit their website for updates.

Date: 25th October 2015, tGw







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