SAMAD AL IRAQI – Is this the Door to Ancient Iraq dining experience?



Let’s travel back in time where king and queen dine in an exquisite way… 

“Samad Al Iraqi, the door to ancient Iraq dining experience” –







 SAI name



Outside Sitting 







Inside the Resto


Traditional Iraqi fine dining experience 





 See the intricate carvings of this door?




THE FOOD – Must Try!



You will be served first with lentil soup and fresh baked bread, all on compliments.




Even tables have beautiful carvings








 An Iraqi ancient method used for grilling fish that its historical roots owes back to the Sumerian and Babylonian ages, and lots of engravings were found explaining the method for grilling fish in this authentic way.


 maskouf front   

 Among the most famous kinds of fish that are grilled this way are the Shabout, Katan, and Bunni, which are fished fresh daily by fishermen from the sweet water rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. To grill them on an open fire made of wood of the Bitter Orange, Fig, and Apricot trees which give the fish such a distinctive flavor.


Such dishes were directly related to the famous street of Abu Nawas in Baghdad on the banks of the eternal Tigris.


 maskoug back


 This fish called Meskouf can be ordered 1 hour in advance, minimum 4kilos.  The size is approximately 2×1 feet long and about 1 inch thick, that’s how huge!


fish on table 



Iraqi Tea seals the dinner 

 After eating these wonderful dishes, Iraqis are used to eating Dates and drinking tea. The tea is usually enhanced with Cardamom for rich flavor and is left to slowly brew over charcoal.





The Dining Experience

The lentil soup, fermented salads and bread are complimentary starter.  Highly recommended are fatoush, babaganoush, roca salad, cold mezze, grilled lamb chops.  The Iraqi tea with hint of cardamom is served as complimentary after meal  (lots of sugar on the bottom of the tea though- well, I din’t mix it)



  THE STAFF – very attentive 


Mr. Yasir (fourth from the left) with the team



Concierge Conclusion:

Everything was perfect.  One point, the staff are not good in English communication, nevertheless managers are around to assist. 



Thank you to Mr. Yasir for allowing me to take pictures of their unique restaurant, their hospitable staffs and must-try foods.



Samad Al Iraqi – Deira Branch

Location:  Al Muraqqabat Road, Deira Dubai

Tel:          +971 4 229 3661

Fax:         +971 4 298 1618

Website :



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