LEBANON ISLAND @ The World Islands, Dubai



Lebanon Island @ The World Islands, Dubai


Before:  Dubai = desert 

Now:     Dubai = desert + islands


Soon island hopping will no longer be a dream in Dubai.

Consider Lebanon Island the first frontier in The World Island.  Since 2010 we’ve been longing to see and set our feet on this man-made islands which is also part of this booming emirate.

Me and my 3 bodyguards (kidding aside) thank you guys!  We are 4 Concierges were given a chance to experience this paradise.  Concierge missions are always to explore whats-new, must-visits and must-do.

Now, bear with my mini-wanderlust story entitled The Island journey: 







Sojourning The Island starts at looking for the docking area where the boat could take your there.

For those who haven’t to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour (JFH), searching for it is a challenged, just consider it part of your adventure :⊃


I don’t drive so this is the best suggestion I can give, please be there 15minutes before time:

  • From Jumeirah Park – after the 3rd bus stop, on your left side, go through that small street (managed yourself how will you get on the left side)
  • From Mercato Mall – after the mall turn right between 2nd and 3rd bus stop, slowly browse the area which named Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.


Reference: https://www.google.ae/maps/place/Jumeirah+Fishing+Harbour/@25.2080325,55.2464075,824m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x4297a774550292a5


This is the left side as soon as you enter JFH, while Delma Marine is on your right.


To docking area


To the boat



After leaving JFH, on about 40knots per hour, you will reached the place in 15-20 minutes.

Leaving Jumeirah Fishing Harbour




En route you will pass by many islet under development. If you search thru google map, these islets comprises the whole of The World Islands Dubai. The Lebanon island is in the middle of those.

Approaching The Island


Entrance to The Island



A large concrete photowall is part of the Grand Entrance in The Lebanon Island.







Upon reaching the beach we were greeted by serene blowing air… inviting … relaxing….

Whispering… lay your back on white sunbed, feel the touch of the sun kissing the white warm sand… just retire,

hit it Seals & Crofts, to the chorus –

“summer breeze… makes me feel fine… blowing through the jasmine in my mind…

summer breeze… makes me feel fine… blowing through the jasmine in my minnnnd…”


How about sunbathing overlooking Dubai buildings?







Or how about beach overlooking another beach?












I told my OB Gyne friend who lives in Delma Island, Abu Dhabi (which I really fell in love with). “I’m still inloved with your sperm shaped island, but this new island is teasing me, hayyyyyy…”





These are chalets interior and exterior




 challet’s interior









 The Island’s clubhouse

 The Clubhouse
The bar and insides of clubhouse 

I can hear you asking, but what else can I do here?


How about Kayaking? Which color you like? asked by Concierge Arnold.



How about Beach Volleyball?


 How about outside party place?


  How about swimming?




We were welcomed with refreshments and had tour of the place, briefed by their promos like brunch every Friday… hey that’s something new to brag – Have you had brunch in an island?  Well, I had.



On our way back to the docking area, to seal our escapade.









Last Mission: Go back to the city, to reality :⊂ 



L-R Arnold, Mike, Gouresh


Burj Khalifa view on our way back to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour




No matter how you say it – my get away, my hiding place or escape to reality.

You’ll be swollen with pride to post “been there” in your social media timeline, thus it’ll spreads jealousy to your fam & friendz.  Therefore invite them and visit again :⊃

(By the way remove views for public if this is your secret place, or it wont be your hiding place anymore hehe)


Who needs freedom from work, shout … FREEEEDOM!

To The Island – Let’s Go!!!




My appreciation to Ms. Jazmine marketing manager of The Island for the opportunity, and also to Radisson Royal Concierges, I called them Royal Boys – thank you soooo much!

For booking: www.theisland.ae

Contact:  04 447 2240 , Mob : 050 6176507



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Date: 31st March 2015, tGw





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